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When warmer weather and rising temperatures return, many homeowners turn on their air conditioning unit to breeze past the heat. But air conditioners need care and thorough looking after to perform well.
AC units typically have a lifespan between 10 to 20 years. The longevity of an air conditioner depends on installation and maintenance of the unit. Without proper inspection and cleaning of your air conditioner system, your utility costs may skyrocket as efficiency declines.

It is best to schedule an air conditioning tune-up every spring. Regular maintenance can help keep your AC running longer and simply cleaning and changing the air filter every 3 months can help your system perform well.

Why you need an HVAC professional to complete a tune-up of your AC:

  • A seasoned and trained professional will inspect the various parts of the air conditioning unit including the condenser coils, compressor, refrigerant, electrical connections, motors and other parts. A trained eye will be able to detect a potential issue and fix it or even get it replaced. These experts can find a problem when the temperatures are low, and the usage is not that high. A pre-session tune-up is always a smart choice in comparison to an actual repair.
  • How well an air conditioning unit performs depends completely on how it has been installed and how successfully it has been maintained. According to the United States Department of Energy, a properly maintained air conditioner can last you for more than 15 years. The National Association of Home Builders believe that air conditioner units can last more than two decades if there is adequate maintenance.
  • Scheduling an air conditioning tune-up can lead to the replacement of filters that help clean the dirt and dust accumulated in the winters. Using replaceable filters can help solve many issues. Your technician can help clean and replace the HVAC filters every 3 months to keep the HVAC filter run efficiently. A clean filter in top shape can lead to better cooling.
  • A regular spring tune-up of your air conditioner can help your condenser from absorbing less heat and fail prematurely. A dirty condenser coil can shoot up your electricity bills. Minimize the foliage build up alongside the grunge near your condenser unit.
  • Most electrical compartments inside the air conditioning units need periodical cleaning from debris. These compartments can prevent the overall air conditioning apparatus from working in top condition throughout the summer.
  • The Freon levels are also critical in an air conditioning unit. The Freon in the overall unit should be up to the manufacturer’s specifications. This can be checked in a timely manner by a trained professional.
  • Plugged condensation lines can lead to various problems in your home, the AC unit needs an expert technician who can ensure that this is not happening regularly.
  • A scheduled spring AC tune-up can also help a technician understand if the thermostat has been in use for longer than a year. The air conditioner often falters on cooling as efficiently as possible when the thermostat is not checked and calibrated.
  • A trained professional will be able to perform an amp draw that helps determine how much energy a condenser motor, compressor and an evaporative motor draw from the electrical grid. A faulty air conditioner that does not match a manufacturer specification can lead to an unsafe and faulty unit.

Scheduling a spring air conditioning tune-up is easy.
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