Repair or Replace Air Conditioning Unit

Is it time to replace your AC or will it make it through another year? Air conditioning system replacement is a major investment, so you want to make sure you really need to replace and not just have it repaired.

This decision is mostly a financial one. Of course there is the cost of the new system, but also consider the savings you will see from a new, more energy-efficient unit. Then there is the cost of frequent repairs if you decide not to get a new air conditioner, along with the higher energy costs of the old system.
So how can you tell if it is better to repair your current HVAC system or replace it? Here are some questions to help you decide.

Does your air conditioning use freon?

Freon, or R-22 refrigerant, has been used for a long time to cool the air that passes through your AC. Due to its impact on the environment, the product officially stopped production and import in 2020.

When the refrigerant leaks out of your system, the unit needs to be fixed and refilled with refrigerant. So if your unit uses R-22, whatever is left is going to be very expensive. Replacing your unit would be the better option, as newer units use cheaper and more readily available products for refrigerants.

Does your AC frequently need repairs?

If your AC keeps failing and repairs don’t seem to hold up, it may be time to replace it.

If the problems are minor things like electrical issues or faulty parts, it’s probably worth it to repair. But if major components like the compressor are failing, it may not be financially sensible to repair. Always consult with a trusted HVAC technician..

How old is your air conditioning?

Age matters, when it comes to HVAC.
Air conditioning units usually last about 10-15 years. This will depend on the unit, how it was used, and how well it has been maintained.
Older units also have fewer features than newer ones. Improvements for air quality, zoning, varying capacity, and other new features may be important enough to justify the purchase.

How important is energy efficiency?

Newer HVAC units are much more energy-efficient compared to older models.The latest AC units have improvements that make them more energy efficient, and they seem to get better every year. Everyone wants to save money and limit energy costs as much as possible, so a newer AC is a no-brainer.

Changes in your home

If your home has changed at all since your air conditioning was installed, you may need a different size system. More people living there, you’ve added new rooms, or even energy saving remodeling such as new windows or insulation can change the cooling requirements. Having the right size AC for your home is essential for both cooling performance and energy efficiency.

If the unit is too small to cool your home adequately, it will work harder and cost you more money in energy. If the unit is too large, it may wear out faster and won’t be on long enough to cool your home for long periods of time, or remove humidity.

Get Help

It can be difficult to make the decision to replace or repair your AC unit. Call the HVAC professionals at Air-Ric’s to inspect your system and give you a second opinion. A technician can tell you if there’s plenty of life left in your old air conditioning unit or if it is time to get a new one.
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