Save Money with Smart Thermostats

Using outdated technologies means you may not be getting the most efficient or cost-effective use out of them, and your thermostat is no exception. Your HVAC system have be the highest-efficiency rating on the market, but with an old and ineffective thermostat, you won’t see the benefits.

The thermostat is the brain of your HVAC system. It maintains comfortable temperatures in your home. Today’s thermostats are an upgrade from the old-fashioned manual slider devices still found in many homes. But do you really need a thermostat that can do more than just set temperatures?”

A smart thermostat offers a number of benefits that can save you money and frustration.

Benefits of Smart Thermostats

You’ll benefit from a number of factors by upgrading to a smart thermostat. Some advantages of such an upgrade include:

Saving Money: A programmable thermostat allows you to set temperatures for specific times. For example, you can set the thermostat to lower temperatures automatically during the night or while you’re away from home. This can help you save up to 10% per year on heating and cooling costs, just by setting an appropriate temperature.

Convenience: There are some smart thermostats on the market that can create programs on their own, so you don’t have to think too hard about how to best adjust the temperatures in your home. They essentially learn from your heating and cooling preferences to adjust automatically.

Local Adjustment: Just like smart thermostats can learn from your preferences, many updated devices can even analyze local weather conditions outside the home and make adjustments based on heightened humidity, unexpected temperature fluctuations, and more. This helps preserve the desired temperature in your home without wasting energy.
Even though a thermostat is a small device, you want to make sure you work with an experienced professional to have it installed. Installing a thermostat incorrectly or in the wrong spot can lead to inefficiency, whether it is a smart thermostat or a basic digital system.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: By connecting your thermostat to your homes wireless internet connecting, the device can be controlled form anywhere you are with an app on your phone or tablet. This means there’s no need to run up your utility bills if you forget to turn off your heater or air conditioner before you leave for work.

If you’re not convinced a smart thermostat is right for you, we encourage you to call our pros. We’re happy to explore your options with you and look into any other efficiency concerns you have with your HVAC systems.
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